Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Instant karma

I picked up an extra shift yesterday because dollar dollar bills y'all, but even that didn't put me in a joyful mood. What DID make me extremely happy though was seeing sweet, sweet karma in action.

The parking garage I use has two ticket dispensers and gates at the entrance, and then two credit card machines and gates at the exit on the other side of the garage. On the entry ticket dispenser is a giant sign that tells you it's one dollar to get out, but to PLEASE PAY AT THE EXIT. It's literally right above the ticket button and dispenser.

So I pull up at the entrance and roll my window down to badge in. In the second entry lane is a car with four young adults. Late teens, early twenties perhaps? The driver is trying to shove a dollar bill into the ticket dispenser, and comically failing at it. He's getting super pissed that the slot won't take his money, so I said "hey, if you push the button it'll give you a ticket and the gate will open. The money slot is on the exit side, for when you leave." I was seriously nice about it because everyone fucks up now and then and it's embarrassing when people see you do stupid stuff like push on a pull door, or walk confidently into a locked door thinking it will open.

Instead of being gracious about it, the driver goes "I know how to fucking get into the garage, lady" and one of the girls in the backseat gave me the finger. So I shrugged and badged in, because I was late anyway and it's a bad look if I tell a visitor to shove it and then have to be their nurse ten minutes later.

But watching through my rearview mirror gave me a great show - as soon as I pulled through, the guy hits the ticket button and the gate opens. He has to jump back into the car to get through the gate in time, and floors the gas. In his haste to get through he hits the curb and pops a tire.

I know this makes me an asshole, but seriously - sometimes karma is instant, and it's amazing.


Shash said...

Karma, good or bad is always amazing. Perhaps he will learn patience with age. Then again, perhaps he will provide the world with comedy gold until everyone gets tired of his shit.

Enid Mueller said...

And that's how karma works.