Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I think the only thing that surprises me anymore about ER ridiculousness is that I'm still surprised by it. Like, seriously. I've been doing this for NINE years! HOW am I still shocked that people are so ridiculous?

Case in point, last week:

Young Dude, with a mild viral illness: I don't have anything for fever. Can I get a prescription for tylenol so I don't have to pay for it?

Me: No, tylenol doesn't require a prescription. If you get the store brand acetaminophen, it's like two or three dollars a bottle.

YD: How the fuck do you know if I can pay for that or not?

Me: Uh, you have an iPhone X in your hand?

YD: Fuck you, lady, I'm outta here. If I get a fever again, I'll just come back here for more tylenol.

End scene.


Shash said...

Entitled, is he?

Aesop said...

Important unsigned note to Pharmacy: "Pt. Butthead reported before leaving that he is allergic to all oral and liquid forms of acetaminophen, due to components of the pill binding compounds on the outer pill and other ingredients, and can only safely be given the rectal suppository form of the drug. Please update records."