Thursday, June 28, 2018

Who in their right mind would do this?

By "this," I mean put my coworker/family member/BFF and I together in the trauma bays the other day. She's a psych shit magnet. I'm a hot-mess-then-crash shit magnet. With our powers combined, it was a disaster of a day.

When change of shift rolled around, I swear I heard at least nine people go "oh my god, they put you two up here together? Dafuq were they thinking?!"

Good to know our reputation is holding strong...


knittynurse said...

LOL! Like putting me at triage. Better get your skates on because you will need them.

Old FoolRN said...

Sounds like two nursing super powers. Reminds me of Batman and robin.

From years of experience I can tell you that two like minded souls bring lots more than double the trouble. The inverse square law applies and it's 4X the mayhem. Enjoy it while you are young!