Tuesday, February 5, 2019


One of the best feelings in nursing is knowing that your coworkers have your back. That best feeling gets even better when said coworker is someone in management. Take, for example, the shitty day I had yesterday. Of all my patients, only one was discharged...and it was a discharge home to Jesus. The rest went to the ICU.

During the management of my eventual home-to-Jesus patient, a significant trauma rolled in the doors which split the available nursing resources as many of them went to assist that patient. Another nurse was in with my sick septic pop pop a few doors down, and when my sick respiratory problem on BiPAP patient started having more difficulty breathing, there just wasn't anyone left to help. It's hard to prioritize care sometimes, but doing CPR means I'm assisting the literal sickest patient in the department and I couldn't step away.

Help arrived in the form of the most BAMF house supervisor ever. She poked her head into the CPR room, asked who the nurse for BiPAP patient was, and then says "is this your patient too? Cool, don't worry about the other one, I got it."

And then she stayed in that room for 90 minutes! She straight up assumed care, paged the admitting MD, medicated the patient, reassured the family, and facilitated a discussion on plan of care. She. Was. The. BEST.

When I finally got my critical patient out of the ER, she accepted no praise whatsoever. Her words were just "well, you were busy!"

It's been a bit of a shitshow at the hospital recently, but man it is so amazing to know there are some people that will grab a shovel and jump into the trench with you instead of sitting in a office and judging from afar.

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Old FoolRN said...

Stories like that restore my faith in administration. That supervisor must have been dropped from heaven. I like your discharge to Jesus reference. We used to think of terminal events as a patient transfer to a bed in the morgue.