Wednesday, November 22, 2023

November 22

Well, it's official. I'm off orientation and on my own at the new job. It's a little nervewracking, but overall I think I'm doing okay. There's still a lot to learn and I've had a fairly vanilla set of training shifts so still feel slightly underprepared, but hopefully my coworkers are happy I'm there and think I'm pulling my own weight. I've got quite a few new adventures to share but for now just wanted to update yall that I'm still enjoying it, still glad I made the move, and still hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Oldfoolrn said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm struggling with a total knee replacement done last month and subsequently came down with COVID while attending PT! I keep telling myself that better days are coming. I'm so glad you are doing well in your new position. Job satisfaction in nursing can be an elusive entity. wishing you and your husband all the best.