Friday, November 30, 2007

A mouse in the house

All week long I wait for the weekend. My life in nursing is very stressful, and I study a lot. When I say "a lot," I don't just mean I cram the night before a test. It means I study three weeks before the test...basically I start studying for test B the day after test A is over. I study a lot.

Since I study a lot, I don't really have much life. Most days you can find me in the University coffee shop with a group of second-degree students. We study a lot. We also joke around a lot, but hey - we're the smart kids, we can do that. I hate to brag, but us second-degree-ers are awesome.

Really, when you spend this much time with other nursing students, all our conversations tend to turn towards inappropriate bodily functions and mocking the ridiculous stuff that happens. In fact, one of our games of pictionary involved us shouting phrases like "dumping syndrome!" and "steatorrhea" in the middle of the coffee shop. I'm sure the other cafe consumers really enjoy us.

But what I'm trying to emphasize is that I spend a lot of time on schoolwork. I don't spend a lot of time with normal, non-nursing people. So when the weekend rolls around, I always have big plans of hanging out with people. I plan to go on adventures, see lots of fun things, laugh a lot, and be popular. Unfortunately, things don't always go the way I plan.

I planned on doing many things tonight, but here is what actually happened: I checked my email. I checked my email again. I ordered chinese food. I picked up chinese food. I checked my email. I watched Code Blue. I ate chinese food. I watched Trauma:Life in the ER. I ate more chinese food. My roommate and I saw a mouse. I checked my email.

Of these super exciting activites listed, perhaps the most alarming is that we saw a mouse. A mouse in our house, I say. Now, I generally enjoy wildlife, as evidenced by my last post. However, I do not enjoy wildlife that eats through my bags of rice, cereal, and animal crackers. Nor do I enjoy wildlife that poos on my counters and could theoretically scale my bed while I'm sleeping and poo on my covers. My roommate especially doesn't like critters, so we decided that war must be waged.

I promptly went to wal-mart (ruiner of small-town vibes) and bought some mousetraps. Back at the house, we set them and placed them in strategic locations. One happened to be in my roommates bedroom. After we placed it and stepped back, the mouse ran out and started eating the peanut butter off it. Just like that. We both felt kind of bad because it was so cute. But before we could start feeling too sorry, the trap snapped and we caught ourselves the critter. Battle: Won. We can now rest easy in a mouse poo-free house. I hope.

The moral to this story is not that I enjoy catching mice. Nor is it meant to showcase my love of chinese food and checking emails. It is to emphasize that as much as I try to have a social, normal life on just doesn't happen. I am pretty sure I am destined to be an old cat lady with no friends and a house that smells of take-out. So on that note, I'm going to make some hot chocolate and go to bed!


Carol said...

Abso-freaking-loutly!!!! I have no life as well, and do nothing but nursing. And hey, my picture did look like dumping syndrome so its perfectly understandable!

Zazzy Episodes said...

I find myself going to school all five days of the week, and work 24 hours at my job between Fri-Sun, not to forget to mention that I'm a mother of two (14), and (11) and wife of 13 years. What was freedom like anyway?? I have no weekend life and I'm trying to be okay with that. I start the official nursing classes in January. I hope to be apart of the awesome nerd group too. More power to ya! I'm also enjoying your blog!