Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It feels great!

So it's only day three of the new semester, and already I'm exhaused! Preclinical the very first day of classes caught me a little off guard, and then having to take care of a patient on tuesday after six weeks off was intimidating for sure. On top of that, I've got a clinical prof who is well known as being extremely hard and demanding. Fair, but hard.

So my patient was doing relatively well, and I'm bumping along doing what I have to do last night. I thought that I did average in clinical, especially since I made a big boo boo and was explaining a medication to my pt...and gave him incorrect info. Go me. Anyway, I made it though the night and came on home.

Today I had to finish up my care plan to hand it in, and I'm walking towards the computer lab on campus. I bumped into my professor from last semester, and she goes, "I heard you did very well in clinical, good job." I sort of blushed and smiled, and she goes "really! I wouldn't kid about that!"

I am almost positive she wasn't talking about last semester, which can only mean she was talking about this semester. Which is AMAZING. It means that I impressed Green, which is beyond fantastic! I don't want to sound needy, but...I LOVE encouragement like that! Heck yes! I'm not a nursing failure!

So even though this semester will be crappily hard, I think I'll be okay. The teachers are talking about me. And they're saying good things. Woo!

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