Friday, February 22, 2008

Babies are scary

All the progress I made last week in clinical went out the door. Let me give you a little background for this story.

I've never held a baby in my entire life. Kids, yes. But they don't count. If they can hold their own head up, they aren't a baby. So considering this, I spent all last week doing post partum assessments. The nice thing about postpartum is that no babies are involved. I don't have to hold them, touch them, or change them. Nor do I have to worry about accidentally dropping one, which I consider a bonus. But all things changed this week.

This week, I was assigned a Csection baby, so mom wasn't around for a while. So there I am, with a 30 minute old baby. And then the nurse suggests that I give it a bath. Of course, bathing a baby requires holding it. And I'll admit, I'm TERRIFIED of babies! What if I drop it? I'll be sued, I'll have to move to Canada, I'll be forever disgraced, all because I can't hold a six pound ball of baby. This may sound silly, but for someone who has never held a baby before, bathtime is a scary time of day.

In the end, the baby got bathed, I didn't drop it, I'm still scared of babies, and I still call them "it."

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