Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's the little things that make me nervous. Little things like planning the rest of my life. Let me explain.

I sent in my application today for an externship position at Local Hospital. I like this hospital a lot, and have had a chance to shadow a nurse in the ED. I love the ED. It's what I want to do. So, I'm hoping to get my externship there. Unfortunately, about 40 people will be applying to this program, and only 20 are accepted. Of those 20, only 2 make it into the ED. I'm hoping that not too many people request that position, but the odds still aren't in my favor. I'll be buying a nice outfit this weekend for my interview, and I'll practically promise them my first born child in return for the ED spot. I'll also be talking right from my heart, and hopefully they can see that.

But, you never know. If I don't get this, I'll apply for a patient care tech spot instead since there are 2 openings in the ED. If I don't get that, I'll take my CNA certification and wipe asses all summer. If even that doesn't pan out, I think I'll move to the mountains and spend my days fishing my woes away.

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