Sunday, March 9, 2008


So this weekend has been somewhat off kilter for me.

I've got this humongous care plan due Monday night for my maternity clinical, so being the studious person I am, I started it on Thursday. I work on it Friday evening again, and I wake up Saturday to keep working. But wait! I only have the work from Thursday! I know I saved it, because I save often due to paranoia about losing my hard work. After some searching, it was nowhere to be found. It's lost in the abyss of my crappy computer, with no hope of return.

Sonofabitch. I lost a whole days work. I hate that. So here I am, a whole day behind where I wanted to be. But don't worry, I tell myself, you can wake up Sunday, have time for church, and still get a lot of work done and start studying for your two tests this week (boo).

Sonofabitch! I wake up Sunday and get ready for church, am tooling around the house, and realize I'm an hour behind where I wanted to be. It's daylight savings day! I had no idea! I missed church, and have an hour less to get everything done.

I can't wait for spring break.

p.s. - if you're wondering about the title of this post, read James Michener's "Space." It's the best book EVER.

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artillerywifecq said...

Ohh M and I approve! Although I do not have the gianormous care plan I did have 2 due friday night (huge crunch session). M has spent all day yesterday and today working on the before mentioned SOB, time-wasting, brain-fryining, nerve-plucking, hair -ripping, primal rage inducing, oh hell why not.. road-rage inducing, coffee-scarfing, alcohol seeking, deviant behavior driving, useless crap activity

Her best NSG DX:
Risk for sexual dysfunction R/T fear of pain or pregnancy