Thursday, May 8, 2008


I met my preceptor today for the nurse externship this summer...and I'm very excited! She's only been out of school for a year, but everyone tells me that she is a great nurse and that I'll learn a lot from her. We went out to dinner today, and I think we're going to get along great. She's my age, which is fun, because I think we'll have a lot in common and I'll be able to relate to her much better than someone twice my age.

All in all, I'm ten times more excited than I was before, because it's real now that I'll be in the ED this summer. I've met my preceptor, so there's no way I'm dreaming it up! :)


Logan said...

I found a site that is designed to connect all nurses. It is a social network, much like facebook, but it was created so that nurses can keep in touch, share stories, ask questions, and meet people with similar interests.

RN2B said...

I love your blog! I feel like someone wrote my life story when I read yours :) I will be checking in to see how your nurse externship goes this summer - good luck!
Do you mind if I link your blog on my page?

shrtstormtrooper said...

link away!

I'm glad to see that people can relate to my crazy life :)

lotto said...
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