Sunday, July 20, 2008

Full moon

I never took much stock in the idea of a full moon bringing out the crazies, stupids, reckless, or unfortunate. This past night in the ER, I suddenly believe. This past night in the ER, s**t hit the fan.

It's a bad night when the state police drop off a medevac patient and saunter back up to the chopper with the parting phrase, "we'll see you in 30, we're off to pick up another." Seriously, we were on the roof with one chopper coming, one going, two calling to say they might have something for us, and ambos rolling in like we're giving away free cab vouchers. Never before have I had to ditch a BiPAPer gasping on the gurney so I could run with the trauma team to the roof elevator. It was a crazy night.

Even though I wanted to pull my hair out at least twice an hour, I did get the chance to participate with some rather fun activities. Take, for example, the dog bite dude. His bite wound was nasty looking, and since it was so grody we decided to bust out the big guns for it. Literally. An irrigation syringe would not do this justice...we needed the irrigation gun! This puppy got hooked up to a 3L bag of saline, and was under some serious pressure. I thought I would only get to watch. Halfway through Dr. F hands me the gun and tells me to go at it. Heck yes. That was the most fun I've had all summer!

I'm more than a little sad I only have three weeks left in this externship. Lets hope we have a few more crazy nights like this before I have to give up the fun and go back to boring clinicals...

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CountyRat said...

Careful, Shrtstormtrooper. Sounds like you are catching the bug. If you don't suppress that budding appetite for chaos, you night end up an ER epijunky.