Friday, July 18, 2008


Me (in a disgusted voice): "Look at this news story: 'Woman says she bought newborn for $1000'."

Fisch: "That's a bargain! Babies are way more expensive than that!"

Is it bad that I laughed at this?


Love or Nothing said...


1. yes, i said that.
2. no, it wasn't supposed to come out that way.
3. you know it's technically true.


shrtstormtrooper said...

hahaha, it's all in good fun. Besides, you know I think babies are little aliens anyway :)

CountyRat said...

Simple choice: you can laugh over it, or cry over it. You cannot be neutral. Choose your poison.

PS: I lied. You can be neutral. All you have to do is let the nightly tradgedies pummel you until you are emotionally dead. Please don't let them do that to you.