Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am a huge nerd. If you weren't able to figure that out from this post, let me throw some more evidence your way.

I am friends with Kaley, one half of the Nick and Kaley blog. We have been friends since freshman year of college when we discovered we both have a love of the Lord of the Rings extended versions. That connection broadened to include Harry Potter, staying in on Saturday nights, Eragon, the Chronicles of Narnia, kittens, and the LotR appendices. It doesn't help that I can recite any line of the Star Wars movies (the originals, of course) or that she can quickly break down the benefits of living in Narnia vs. Middle Earth vs. Hogwarts. All I'm saying is, we're one chess club membership away from total nerdification.

So imagine my curiosity when Kaley tells me of a new series she is reading. She prefaces the description of the book with "don't laugh at me, because this is going to sound supergay." Naturally, I now want to read it. Go on, I tell her.

"Okay, well it's a vampire book and it's about this girl who falls in love with this vampire and then things get crappy for them. Look, I told you it was supergay."

Instead of laughing at her, I asked to borrow them. On Sunday July 13, she gave me the first two books in the Twilight series. At 4:30 pm Wednesday July 16, I drove to Target while discussing the finer plot points of Twilight and New Moon with Kaley. It was an animated conversation, with many exclamations of how addicting the books were. Oh, did I mention that I was driving to buy the third in the series so I could read it immediately?

I have now researched the exact release date of the Twilight movie, when Breaking Dawn (the fourth novel) is coming out, and when Midnight Sun (the companion novel to Twilight) is coming out. Good news: Breaking Dawn comes out August 2. Bad news: the movie doesn't come out until December 12. Worse news: Midnight Sun isn't even written yet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself to pass the time. JK Rowling, feel free to release a new HP anytime you want.

Is it pathetic how nerdy I am? Does it make you cringe to read how excited I am for a silly vampire novel? Do you snicker at the idea of my utter lack of social skills? Go ahead and laugh because while you're laughing, Kaley and I will be too deeply absorbed in some form of supergay entertainment fit for a 14 year old boy to notice your giggles.

But lest you think I'm impossibly uncool, this is what I did last week:



Intubate Em!!! said...

I just finished Eclipse yesterday. There are quite a few of us at work reading this series. SO GOOD!!!

Guess I'm a nerd too!

Nick and Kaley said...

You didn't mention the vampire, human, werewolf love triangle.

I love being a nerd :)

Cool pic, you look more happy than scared which is amazing.

Love or Nothing said...

i love your nerdiness :) especially the star wars part of it haha let's watch that soon, it's been far too long.

GuitarGirlRN said...

OK, how geeky is it of ME that I read this and put "Get Stephanie Meyer Books" on my list of things to do before we leave for vacation?

And girl, if you're a super geek, then so am I. I used to work on the Star Wars books for Del Rey until I became a nurse (I still did it all the way through nursing school because I didn't want to give it up, and no one else wanted to do it...)

Jess said...


I am also wildly in love with LOTR extended versions. In fact, I've got Fellowship in the standard version and I REFUSE to put it in my 400-disc DVD player. It just can't be near my extended versions...they might get tainted by the non-wonderfulness of the standard.

aaaand my screen name was 'firvasawen' for 5 years...yes, it is my frist and last name translated into Elvish.

cool skydiving!

Jenny B said...

LP you crack me up! I too, found myself reading the Twilight series when I saw the new movie trailer. I said to myself, what the crap is this...and then subsequently found myself drawn to the book like some silly school girl. It's so good. I miss you and am so thankful I can read your blog and get a small piece of LP to get me through my day.