Friday, July 4, 2008


A young kid came in tonight, and he ran his mouth off every chance he had. He cussed the nurses, the techs, the radiology techs, the doctors, his mother, his situation, and his friends. He promised to get back at the people that landed him in the hospital. He yelled at the unfairness of the fight that brought him here. He got mad at the cop that was in the room with him. In short, he used his words to cut down every possible person he could. Never once did he say thank you, or say anything kind.

We also had the sweetest elderly lady come in, presenting with stroke symptoms. Facial droop, unilateral weakness...and the inability to speak her thoughts. This sweet lady could do nothing but stare at everyone in the room with her, and try to communicate her needs and hurts to the nurses. She could only smile and sort of nod and try to speak...but nothing would come out. The frustration in her eyes is heartbreaking.

If only the young kid could see how valuable words are, and use them a little more wisely. Some day he might not be able to.


artillerywifecq said...

beautifully put

Nick and Kaley said...

That was really wise and deep of you friend.