Thursday, August 21, 2008

Of yardsales and bankrobbing

Dear friends, I know life has been tragic without new posts on this blog for you to read. I apologize for that, but try and hold those tears in. Because I've been having fun for the past two weeks, and haven't given this blog half a thought in that time. Also because my computer is about to blow up and sometimes won't even load the google page. I'll hopefully be buying a new one soon, if I can rob a bank and get away with the money- The Joker style, yo. But I digress.

That being said, I had a wonderful end to my externship. I am astounded when I look back and see how much I learned in 8 short weeks. I've been really blessed to have this opportunity, and I'll always be grateful for the great staff that taught me so much.

I'm now gearing up for school to start in a week and a half. By "gearing up" I mean avoiding all thoughts of school and dreading the very idea of it. After spending 8 weeks helping people not die, classroom instruction will most likely be rather boring. The subject matters aren't looking too exciting either. Community/Leadership? I'd rather lose a toe to frostbite. Psych? I need to look no further than the crazies my own family provides on a regular basis. Critical Care Elective? Okay I'm looking forward to that one, but that's the only one.

Since my externship ended two weeks ago, I've managed to have a bit of a life. I'm rather proud of that fact. I've been to three concerts so far: Dave Matthews, John Butler Trio/G.Love, and Braddigan; they've all been quite excellent. I've managed to spend a week at my parents house and their very convenient pool, with the result that I am now at much higher risk for skin cancer. At least I'm mildly pigmented now - given that even plastic bottles can give you cancer nowadays, I'll take the sun-induced variety anyday. I also spent a lot of time wakeboarding, and even more time falling down on a wakeboard. As my brother informed me, to "yardsale" is to eat it so disgracefully that the board is ripped from your feet and you're left bobbing twenty meters away from it. I'll admit that I spent a lot of time being forcefully detached from the boots this past week. I still have water in my ears.

On the nerdy side, I've read a bunch of excellent books the past few weeks. Stiff is one I highly recommend, as it is all about a rather morbid topic but written by a scathingly funny author. What happens to human bodies when people die, you wonder? Read this book and find out. I'll even include a nice little excerpt for you, to pique your interest (or disgust you, take your pick):

"Until that time, it'll be rough going for Commonwealth land mine types, who cannot use whole cadavers. Researchers in the UK have resorted to testing boots on amputated legs...another group tried putting a new type of protective boot onto the hind leg of a mule deer for testing. Given that deer lack toes and heels and people lack hooves, and that no country I know of employs mule deer in land mine clearance, it is hard - though mildly entertaining - to try to imagine what the value of such a study could have been."

I just finished reading Watchmen -it was fantastic - and now I'm even more pumped for the movie to come out. The book I bought tonight is entitled "Death by Black Hole and other Cosmic Quandries." If that doesn't solidify my status as a bona fide nerd, I don't know what will. At least this book is humorous, or so the blurbs on the inside cover indicate. One thing I am not pumped about, however, is the fact that the HP movie was bumped from November to next July. Not cool, Warner Bros., not cool. The Twilight movie got moved up to fill Harry's spot, but I've decided that Twilight is going to suck a big one, and thus I'm not all that excited for it anymore.

To wrap this piece up, I'm looking forward to a few other upcoming events, and then it's goodbye to summer. I'm getting depressed already, but hopefully this semester won't suck too bad. Then I graduate, and then I get a job, and then I get paid - Maybe I won't have to rob that bank after all!


Love or Nothing said...

oh LP. love you haha yay for adventures tomorrow!!

not yay for HP. that's just dumb.

Not Nurse Ratched said...

I loved _Stiff_ too! Everyone thought I was morbid for reading it, but I think it's interesting and pretty relevant for those of us who deal with death a lot.

Nick and Kaley said...

Twilight is going to suck a big one, good call on that one. The books you are reading make me nervous for you.
Love, Kaley