Monday, September 1, 2008

Here lies summer...

Eehg. I have quite a few least-favorite days of the year. Going to the gyn or the dentist are way high on that list, as is any day rent is due or I have to pay my credit card bill. Today, while seemingly filled with good times - beach & a little cookout - is definitely solidly in the least favorite category.

Today happens to be my last day of freedom before another semester starts. Granted, this is my last semester, but that doesn't make starting it any more exciting.

I'm not at all thrilled to be back in the grips of clinical, care plans, exams, and MedsPub. I'm actually dreading it. I'm also trying really hard to make this post witty, but thinking about the coming drudgery of nursing school has sucked my humor dry. Sorry.

So with this in mind, forgive me if posts for the next few months lack anything funny. It's hard to get excited for classes you don't want to take...

...OKAY so I went downstairs and got a drink and as I was walking back up, this one glorious, shining thought occured to me; a thought that made my heart glad and almost makes going to class tomorrow exciting:

I'll see Fundus Chop! again, and will have tons of new material to share. Surely he didn't make it through the summer without some sort of catastrophe or forgetting-to-shower experience! I will be sure to pass those stories on to you, dear reader.

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