Thursday, September 4, 2008


If I were to play the lottery, I think I would play it today. Today was a great day in terms of potential money-making and I'm seriously considering a powerball ticket right now. If I stop posting after this, it's because I won and am now living internet-less in Tahiti. I'll have my pool boy relay the phone message if you need me.

Why, you ask, is my day looking up? It's because I just had the wonderful experience of being hired on the spot at the hospital. I completed an externship there this summer which probably gave me a bit of an edge, but whatever. I poked my head into the ED managers office to talk, and he asked me a couple of questions about where I wanted to work after graduation and all that jazz. He then proceeded to call the hiring lady and leave her a message about my externship, how I want to work at the hospital long term, and how they liked me in the ED this summer - and that HR should give me a call back and let me know when to come in for orientation.

I have a feeling I'll be uberstressed this semester from all the busy work we have to do, but at least this is the end and I'll have a job after graduation. And I'll get to pay rent without needing a street corner to help me out. And I'll get to work in a job I love.

Man, life is sweet.

Also, when I searched for a powerball picture, I found one I liked and went to copy it. This is what I got:

Man, I love my new computer. Three cheers for screen capture!


tp said...

yay! how exciting!!! :) also- do you have a mac?! oooooooh, aaaaaaah!

shrtstormtrooper said...

yep, I bought a mac. I'm terrified of technological change...but I love this computer. It's so much fun!