Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Things that are not sexy:
1. Drunken facebook pictures featuring people sloshing through drink after drink and inevitably sloshing into some toilet.
2. Britney Spears mid-headshaving.
3. Tony Romo's s**t-eating grin each time he throws for ridiculous amounts of passing yards and TDs during a Cowboys game.
4. Diarrhea.

Let me expound on number four. I probably should have listed it under number two, but whatever. It goes without saying though that diarrhea is perhaps the most unsexy thing ever. I don't care if Brad Pitt is standing at my front door with a dozen roses and massage oil for me...if he's got the runs and needs to bolt for my bathroom, it's not sexy. Now I might make an exception for someone like Hugh Jackman, but only if he is straight from the set of X-Men and only if he leaves the bathroom fan on. But I digress.

Diarrhea is one of the illnesses that cause more than 90% of deaths worldwide from infectious diseases. That sucks. We were discussing this in my community heath nursing class, and it's really sad how so many of these deaths can be prevented if only people care enough to focus on them. Not that I'm unhappy for the funding that diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB get, but there are plenty of others that need just as much funding yet don't get it.

This gets tied in, I swear. Our uber classy teacher who is amazingly well versed in global health and one of the most articulate professors I've ever had explained the funding disparity this way: "These aren't sexy enough for donors. Who wants to fund diarrhea?" How right she is. And as I'm snickering at the word "sexy" coming from her mouth while feeling bad for laughing during such a depressing lecture, she follows up with this gem: "Maybe the diaper companies will!" Ah, I love this professor.

Things that ARE sexy:
1. Getting into Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honor society! HELL YES! I have worked my butt off this past year, and it feels so good to have this accomplishment. I love nursing!
2. Seeing Tony Romo's s**t-eating grin fall off his face (faster than an intestinal disease diarrheal-induced bathroom trip, I might add) after the Cowboys got their asses kicked by the Redskins this weekend. GO SKINS!
3. Hugh Jackman.



Jenny B said...

double yumm.

Stacie with an IE said...

hahaha, tony homo blew it. totally true post.

Nick and Kaley said...

I really liked your number two comment. Also, if I hadn't taken that antibiotic I could have died from diarrhea. So, I empathize with this blog. Also, why is s**t worse than a**?

mofo said...

Sigma Theta Tau - kick ass! Also, hahaha, I love it when Romo blows it.