Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm glad I'm not a teacher...

My friend Kaley has one of the hardest jobs I can imagine: Third Grade Teacher. Eegh. Even the sound of it makes me shudder. I'm pretty sure I'd end up hitting at least four kids, ignoring half of them, and making the other half cry all within my first two hours of trying to manage a classroom. Kaley is a great teacher, however, and judging from her tales of teaching she does an excellent job of keeping her classroom from imploding in on itself.

As with any job though, Kaley sometimes has a down day. While I feel bad for her down days, they often result in hilarious blogs. Here is the product of a bad day this week:

Okay, I'm sounding kind of bitter and I do apoligize. A wise professor- Teena- once told me one must "Choose your attitude" each and every single day. She was so right! I was feeling inclined to writing her a letter recently:
"Dear Teena,
I was not on fire for teaching today. In fact, I would say I taught with the passion and tenacity of a wet napkin. Teaching is hard. I did not choose my attitude. I also made several children cry out of a campaign of fear and intimidation instead of nurturing a positive learning environment. I guess you could say I made some bad choices and let some 'teachable moments' sink through the sewer hole of life. Though I am forever grateful for your collegiate instruction, I fear I did not take your words to heart today.
Love, your student!"

Kaley, I hope that the rest of the school year goes relatively painlessly. But friend, if you do have more down days, please be sure to blog about them. Purely so I can have a good laugh at the expense of your third graders and perhaps your sanity.

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