Sunday, October 12, 2008


I never thought working in psych would be so hard.

My client struggles with anxiety and schizoaffective disorder. As I was reading his chart, this is what popped out to me:
Client depends on grandmother for emotional support. Is estranged from the rest of family, family states they do not want anything to do with him and do not want him talking with his grandmother.

It just astounds me that people can so completely cut off a family member who is desperately in need of their love and support. Especially someone who suffers from a legitimate illness. Every family has the asshat Uncle or Sister or [insert family member here] who drives everyone crazy and is generally a PIA. But it just breaks my heart to see this sweet client shunned by his family - except for a grandmother who probably won't make it very far into the next decade. What will he do then? Who will support him? Will he be left to slowly deteriorate until he can't even function anymore? Unfortunately, downhill seems to be the only path ahead of him.

I applaud anyone who can work in psych. I don't think I'm strong enough for it.


Stacie with an IE said...

that almost got me to cry. like 3cm away.

Up To No Good said...

I'm with you. Tomorrow is my last mental health clinical day, and I'm headed toward tomorrow 5pm with a shine in my eye. Thank God some nurses feel a calling for it, because if there were a draft I'd be in trouble.