Monday, October 6, 2008

Sarah Palin

I follow politics. I'm also too lazy to write about them and look up the statistics required to back up any written claims. For the record though, I'm not too lazy because I'm a lazy person, I'm too lazy because I'm in school and would rather spend my free time not doing any sort of brain-stretching exercises. Nursing school is hard enough as it is. When I graduate, I promise I'll be less lazy.

Movin' Meat is therefore one of my favorite people to read. He'll actually post research and statistics, whereas I stop at the opinions.

I also enjoy reading him because he won't hesitate to throw out some excellent jabs. Also, they're funny. And everybody knows I like funny!

See most recent jab:

*Kaley, I know you're not laughing at this. Sorry.

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undergrad RN said...

I love this chart. Overheard at dinner the other day: "Palin - not just a pretty face! She had a clever reply for everything!"

Yes, yes she did.