Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unified Theory of Biden

I like to poke fun at my Republican friends (here's looking at you, Kaley!), usually by taking potshots at their candidates and being as genially disrespectful as possible. I'm not only about snarking on the elephants though; I think the Democrats have offered up a fantastic candidate concoction for this election.

Newsweek has a great article up about VP candidate Joe Biden. Sure, he's occasionally an impulsive loudmouth who makes some astoundingly dumb comments. He has been known to make some ugly gaffes, like plagarizing parts of a speech in 1987. But overall, he is a great guy. He takes stands and sticks with them. He knows his foreign policy. He is a family-oriented person. He has been through tough times and knows how to deal. He's also witty...noun, verb, and 9/11, anyone?

I think this article shows both the good and the bad of Biden. I think it also shows why Biden, even with the bad, is a solid choice for VP and why he will support Obama in bringing leadership to this country.

Obama/Biden 08!

Here's something I've always wondered: Why must the Democrats be given the mascot of an ass? Didn't the mascot-deciders see those jokes coming from a mile away?

*Just read that Andrew Jackson was labeled a jackass during his campaign, and the name stuck for the party. Thanks, wikipedia.


Nick and Kaley said...

You may poke fun, but it is because you are incredibly jealous that I am a member of the best party in America and am way more patriotic than you.
Love, Me

mofo said...

Yay Biden! I enjoyed the SNL debate skit, they busted on Biden, and of course Miss Wasalia.