Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nursing shortage?

So, I'm a little frustrated. I had been told that a position as an RN would be held for me in the ER at the hospital I want to work at. Since I did my externship there, I had a little bit of extra experience and the administration seemed to want me. So I applied a few months ago, I a few weeks ago got the bad news that there weren't any more openings for new graduates.

Disappointing, but not really a deal breaker. I don't expect the world to revolve around me, and I know that admin will hire more experienced nurses now rather than hire new grads later. It's business.

I got the call from HR telling me about this dilemma, and was set up with an interview in tele instead. I interviewed with tele last week, and it went really well. I was told that I would get a call back this week.

I haven't gotten a call. A friend of mine, who also interviewed on tele, got a call today in which she was told that the unit manager "decided there weren't any more openings after all, and already had everything filled." I'm expecting the same phone call to me at some point today, but it's 3:00 and they better damn sure step on it. If I'm going to be disappointed, I don't like to wait around for it.

This is a bit of a rant, but I'm feeling like this hospital is acting more and more unprofessional. Don't promise a dang job if you aren't going to provide one. Don't tell me you'll call and then don't. Don't have me interview for a position that arbitrarily isn't available anymore.

Even worse is that I've signed a 1 year contract with this hospital in exchange for a scholarship grant. I get 4 grand, they get a year of work from me. I'm starting to see that it's a bit of a tourist trap...sign up, and we'll promise you the job you want and then shuffle you off to med-surg where you'll probably want to kill yourself. I wonder if I have to pay back the money if I accidentally fall down the tube system or something? At any rate, I'm feeling annoyed enough to consider running to Canada with their money. Can't work for you if you can't find me, suckahs.

I've applied other places, but so far haven't heard anything good. I sort of want to crawl under a rock right now, and come out in 6 months when some jobs have hopefully opened up. Meegh. Hopefully I'll hear some semblance of good news soon; all this bad news is starting to make me cranky.


mofo said...

Keep the faith. I think you will be ok. It sucks that they are not fulfilling their promises. You need to talk to the ER manager, so that when a position DOES open up, it doesn't go to someone else.

indya said...

Hey, just letting you know that I mentioned you and your blog in my post today, I put in a link to your 'cold' post, I hope you don't mind.


keepbreathing said...

Watch out for sign-on bonuses. I had an extremely nasty situation with one once; I wound up calling my HR liason two or three times a day, often while I knew they'd be away from their desk, until the sound of my voice made their ears bleed. I got my money, but I had to drag it out of their hands while they were kicking and screaming.

Good luck. I hope they give you the position you were promised.

Fairy said...

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