Thursday, November 27, 2008

The ULTIMATE RickRoll!

Just saw this on RT 101's blog. Rick Astley himself showed up in the middle of the Macy's Day Parade today and Rickrolled the entire viewing audience - 50 million people or so. Bloody brilliant!

I want to know who greenlighted this, and I want to give them a hug. Especially since my own attempt at a Rickroll probably suckered what, like five people?

And since today is Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to share with you my favorite holiday tradition. Every year, my family sits around and listens to Arlo Guthrie's song Alice's Restaurant Massacree. Clocking in at a whopping 18+ minutes, this song is glorious. Have a listen, and you can enjoy it too. It's worth it!


keepbreathing said...

That was pretty much the highlight of my thanksgiving. Seriously: awesome.

Drofen said...

You can get anything you want...