Sunday, November 30, 2008


While working last weekend, there was a multiple car pile up on a bridge a few miles from the hospital. I helped take care of many of the patients, and one in particular stuck out to me.

We just got an email from our professor letting us know that an employee at the hospital where we have clinicals was killed that night. I had spent some time with her in clinical, and it's awful to know that she isn't ever going to be there again. While reading the news article, I recognized the name of the driver who struck her as the patient who stuck out to me. It's weird to know that I took care of him before he knew the full consequences of that accident. He knew she was dead, but he is just now seeing that her husband and young child no longer have a wife and mother.

I wish things like this didn't happen, and I especially wish I could do something more about it when it does.

My thoughts and prayers are with both the hospital employee's family and the patient that I took care of. This is a struggle for all of them.


Drofen said...

Sometimes the world is just a little smaller than we'd like...

Fairy said...

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