Tuesday, December 2, 2008

JCHAO and chickens

When I entered the world of nursing school, I got a lot of theory and a host of new skills thrown at me. Very rarely did we hear about JCHAO, as they were fondly called back then.

When I entered the world of medical blogging, there was a veritable shatstorm regarding JCHAO. I had never seen animosity levels so high! Why were these nice JCHAO people hated so much? Since then, JCHAO has become "The Joint Commission" and I found that they will get all over a hospitals' case for the stupidest things. Who really gives a crap if supplies are 18" from the ceiling or not? Will that really matter to patients in the long run? Why are they calling themselves a name that sounds like a knee-replacement support group?

At any rate, I'm here blogging because I'm procrastinating an assignment that is due in the morning. It's not that I don't care about classes anymore, it's just that...well...okay, I don't care about them anymore. I have 17 days until graduation, and I'm so full of senioritis it's not funny. But I digress.

I hopped over to the JC website to peruse any info that might be remotely useful for my project. I'm sort of shocked at the website! For such a Goliath of a bully, you'd think their website would look a little more intimidating. Instead it's a nice blue and yellow color, with pleasant looking people at the top and a convenient search bar. Who would have guessed such a tool of an organization could be so deceptively demure?

Eh, I suppose it's the same way some of my fellow students can be deceptively normal looking, but complete morons on the inside. They're like brainless chickens - walk around and look busy and accidentally let your patients CBI clot off multiple times. Sort of like JCHAO, although I bet JCHAO would be able to figure out how to put a bedrail down. Maybe.

This is a True Story. All of the aforementioned bad patient care was performed by one GP, a fellow student who might just kill somebody one day. Case in point: She tried to get an ancient LOL into bed without lowering the bed or putting the bedrail down.


Fairy said...

Thanks for the great post, I started my career in nursing after finishing a associate degree in nursing from associate degree nursing schools

keepbreathing said...

She'll be working for JCAHO in no time with patient care skills like that.

Seriously though, I despise the Joint Commission. The idea is good: standards and regulations to insure quality patient care. The problem is that the regulations and standards have absolutely nothing to do with patient care at all. Where I work we can send RTs out with forty patients to see, but God help you if your coffee cup is in a Forbidden Area.

Last time they came to the hospital, I asked one of my co-workers as they walked by if 'all the jobs as real prostitutes were taken.' If looks could kill...