Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Year of Living Biblically

I bought a new book today, because I have less than a month of school left and dang it, I want some new leisure reading! While perusing the shelves of B&N with my friend KL, I spotted what I instantly sensed to be an excellent book. The phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover?" It applies to many things in life, but often not actually books. If the text was half as good as the cover, I knew I was in for a tasty treat:

I promised myself that I wouldn't read the entire thing in one sitting, like I usually do. I decided to only read the introduction for now. So I'm three pages into it, and I've already laughed out loud multiple times, forced my roommate to listen to passages, and ruminated on possible blog posts. I'm having trouble deciding which tidbit I want to share with you; they're all so good!

I'll share this one, for starters: (Appropriate, since it is the start of the book)
"As I write this, I have a beard that makes me resemble Moses. Or Abe Lincoln. Or Ted Kaczynski. I've been called all three.

It's not a well manicured, socially acceptable beard. It's an untamed mass that creeps up toward my eyeballs and drapes below my neckline...I've suffered for my beard. It's been caught in jacket zippers and been tugged on by my surprisingly strong two-year-old son. I've spent a lot of time answering questions at airport security.

I've been asked if I'm named Smith and sell cough drops with my brother. ZZ Top is mentioned at least three times a week. Passerby have shouted "Yo, Gandalf!" Someone called me Steven Seagal, which I found curious since he doesn't have a beard.

I've battled itch and heat. I've spent a week's salary on balms, powders, ointments, and contitioners. My beard has become a temporary home to cappuchino foam and lentil soup. And it's upset people. Thus far, two little girls have burst into tears and one boy has hidden behind his mother.

But I mean no harm."
This book is going to be excellent. Be expecting multiple blog posts, friend. They will be witty. They will be wild. Oh yes. Get excited.

On a very exciting side note, I took the HESI practice NCLEX exam this morning...and scored awesome! I know there is a ton of stuff I need to review, but this was a super duper morale booster. I haven't studied at all yet and still passed with room to spare, so I'm a little less terrified for the NCLEX. Woohoo nursing license, here I come!

And graduation is so close I can taste it. I'm going to be a nurse. Life is good.


indya said...

Oooh, I looked at this book in the shop and considered it, I think you may have convinced me...

Drofen said...

I may check it out as well. I wonder if the library has a copy...

Braden said...

Just bear in mind as you go in to take the NCLEZX that the test is designed to make you miss 50% of the questions, because if you get one right it gives you a harder question and if you get one wrong it gives you an easier question, so just about everybody walks out of that test feeling like they bombed it. I sure did. I was actually a little surprised when I found out that I passed. I guess it made the victory all that much more sweet.

Congrats on the practice test score and good luck!