Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Seasons, they are a-changin

I have to wonder if perhaps I am being punished for something. You see, I love warm weather. Weather below 50 degrees makes me cranky.

For the past three days here, it's been extremely warm. Like flip flops and tee shirts kind of warm. Incidentally, I had to work all three days. While the walk from the ambo entrance doors to my car was nice, it just wasn't the same as having that day free to sunbake outside.

Today I'm off, and it's below 50. Not exactly flip flop weather.

I just checked the weather for tomorrow, and it's going to be 70. As for me? I'll be at work. All day.


I guess this is the real world, where classes don't break for lunch and no one cares if you have cabin fever. I sorta miss college!


Jen said...

I feel your pain, sister! I worked during the super nice days, and had off yesterday. I decided to wash my car and let me tell you, that was a tragic idea... windiest day of my life, I ended up soaked and freezing and therefore a very cranky girl.


meghan said...

bah - 50 is totally flip flop weather.