Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen verdict

Who watches the Watchmen? I did, and let me say: It is awesome.

I loved the graphic novel and how complex it was. It took me two reads through it to catch the major plot points and foreshadowing, and I guarantee that I'll find new things every time I pick it up from now on. I was apprehensive about how much of the dense, intricate, and sheer awesomeness of the novel would actually make it into the movie - after all, this isn't a novel that you can just cut parts out of and paste onscreen.

I just got home from the movie though, and the director hit it perfectly. The story flowed well, the actors nailed it, the visuals were amazing, and the dense and intricate story was pared down to a very concise chunk of good movie. While the soundtrack could have been better and I could have done with less of Billy Crudup's naked blue wanker, this movie was excellent.

So much was packed into this movie, but it never felt rushed or crammed in. Everything had a purpose for being on screen, and everything flowed with the overall narrative. I'm amazed at how much they had to leave out, but I'm even more amazed at what made it in. It just worked.

I always love the source novels better than their movies, simply because no detail is too small for the written page. This isn't an exception, but I think it came pretty dang close to being equally as good. I can't wait for the DVD!

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