Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hitting the fan

I knew last night would be bad when the thunderstorm outside was so bad it blew open and broke the ambulance bay doors then caused a hospital-wide power outage for a good 30 seconds.

13 hours later, I am so glad to be home. Good Lord I'm glad to be home.

It was rough, folks. I had drunks, patients refuse to leave after discharge, crayzees, multiple peds patients at a time, state police blood draws - for which I will have to show up in court since there was a fatality in the vehicle, very sick people, very obnoxious people, and very drug seeking people.

Crayzee. Seriously.

I might have a beer before bed, is that bad?


Joy said...

Oh. My. Goodness!

Your poor thing, I can only imagine the craziness!!!

DiverDork said...

BUT! You got to see 2 familiar faces with a very interesting story!

It was cool seeing you in action! You're a great nurse : )

Kaley said...

No, but maybe you should have wine, it's girly-er
And Don't get too down, I'm coming to see you next weekend!!!!!