Monday, May 11, 2009

An atypical drug request

Scene: One soft-spoken doctor, one rookie nurse, and one patient sitter trying to pack a nosebleed.
Doctor: Hmm. I need cocaine...
Shrtstormtrooper: I beg your pardon?
Doctor: Yeah, cocaine. I need some.
Shrtstormtrooper: Ummmm....sure...

Apparently requesting cocaine is a perfectly sane scenario when packing a nosebleed. Interesting. I mean, we all know I have a little bit of experience with some lidocaine, but cocaine?

I went to the accudose and typed in "cocaine" and sure enough, 4% Cocaine 10 ml popped up on the screen. I had no idea that this was a completely normal request. On returning to the patients room, the doctor goes, "Yeah my bad, I probably should have been a little more tactful. I take it you've never packed a nosebleed like this before?"

Well, color me educated!

And while packing the nosebleed, the doc looks up and asks me if I knew what the most common cause of nosebleeds in males was. I had no idea so, to half take a guess and half be a smartass, I responded "nose-picking?"

Doc giggled and goes "yup, digital trauma!" Who knew?

Lastly, there are two types of people in this world: nose-pickers and liars.


Joy said...

This post cracked me up! No pun intended... okay maybe...

Kaley said...

ha ha!!

Love or Nothing said...

hahaha oh lp. i miss you.