Monday, May 18, 2009


I was warned about this guy.

"He's a douche," they said. "He is the biggest jerkoff on the planet," they cried. "Oh, Mr. C? He's a dick. Don't go near him if at all possible."

I should have listened.

Woe upon me. I should have listened.

Instead, I tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Yes he is a frequent flier, but he does have some serious health issues. His reason for being here today is truly something he needs to have worked on. Without fail though, he was the most massive asstard that I have ever taken care of. Snarky comments, blatant rudeness, morbid slovenliness, and an all-around bow-to-me attitude.

I can handle that, though. Some people in this world are incurable jerks and there is nothing to be done for them. I can handle his douchiness up to a point.

But when I needed his room for the potential respiratory arrest coming in three minutes? He retaliated by taking a crap right on his own bed while being wheeled down the hallway. I decided right then and there that if I ever had him again as a patient, I would be the worst nurse possible for him.

In fact, if this guy codes and dies tomorrow, I might have a beer. He was that much of a complete failure at all things humane.

Thoughts like these shouldn't occur until at least many years into nursing, when I'm close to burnout. It's just so effing frustrating to see the bottom feeders of society like this guy and have to not only wipe his ass but kiss it too. The worse part is that I went into nursing because I wanted to love and help people at their lowest points and do it by sharing Christ through words and actions...but people like this make me forget all that. They make me hateful, they make me bitter, and they make me cold. It breaks my own heart to see myself like that, because I feel like I'm failing at love. Sigh. It's a frustrating situation...

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Joy said...

It is hard to deal with people like that- oh how I understand to an extent! Christ died for him, too, as rude as that guy was. How very unfortunate. Keep praying for him- he just may become a better person!