Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The key to understanding sports

My mom always made it to all my high school sports games. She traveled with me for softball in middle school. She tolerates me yelling at the TV for NFL games. We've occasionally gone to NCAA basketball games. She's had a lot of exposure to sports throughout the years. However, she never really got into some sports like I did or grasped the rules as easily as I did, and I didn't know that she thought about this as often as she does.

What I did know is how funny my mom is, especially when ruminating about said lack of sports knowledge:

Now those days a long gone and I'm finding myself trying to watch and learn about sports again. Clearly it's easier these days. The Skins stink, so I'm learning from the comments made by other as to how they should be doing it. This is the missing link in the chain that would have made me knowledgeable. The team has to be a loser! I learned so much from my family and friends this season as we struggle to watch a failing team's efforts. I'm learning what you are supposed to be doing, what they aren't doing correctly, stats from their past and present and stats from other teams too. I even learned when a loyal fan switches teams.

Love you, Mom. And at the rate the Skins are going this season...you'll be an expert on them by the end!

I also just saw this trailer on tv: The Men Who Stare at Goats. I was mildly intrigued, and then Ewan McGregor asked Clooney, "so what you're saying is that you were a psychic spy?" Not so interesting. Until Clooney responded "A Jedi Warrior." If that's not using casting to a maximum effect, I don't know what is.

Anyway, I'm hooked. Multiple Star Wars references? Ewan McGregor? A goat? Boston music playing during the trailer? Count me in.


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