Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blogging is a lifesaver.

So I'm a new nurse. I often feel overwhelmed, wonder what the heck I'm doing here, and wonder if I'll ever be smart enough to be a good nurse. I get sick of the stupid people, and often want to tell people it's their own stupidity that has made them sick. I want to really tell it to the drug seekers. I want to stay home some days. I want to go home some days in the middle of the shift. Some days I think to myself, "I'm never coming back."

But then I go home and blog about it, and it's all better. And I owe it to Nurse K!

I started reading her blog way back in the dregs of nursing school, got inspired to start my own blog, and when I read this post I thought, "well played, shrtstormtrooper. Well played."

Experienced nurse to new trainee: "Just to warn you, this job will beat you down. You'll be tired, you'll not want to come some days, you'll question if you're really cut out for this, SOBs and drug seekers may even make you spiral into a depression that you can't explain. It's okay, I'm your preceptor, I'll help you through it."

I just wanted to say 'if the shit is getting you down, start a blog and never, ever tell anyone about it ever even if you're the 3rd most popular nursing blogger in the country.' ;-)

Maybe one day my blog will be just as popular. And no one at my job will ever ever know about it!

Is it too soon to joke that GM is on the fritz?

CNBC: General Motors CEO Fredereick "Fritz" Henderson to resign

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