Friday, January 29, 2010


Old Patient: How old are you? You look 16!

Shrtstormtrooper: I swear I'm old enough to work here, and to drive, too. I'm 24.

Patient: Well, you don't look it. Are you married?

Shrtstormtrooper: Nope, too young for that. I wanted to get my career straight first.

Patient: Good choice. I'm 91, and still too damn young to get married! Unless you want to marry me, then I'll tie the knot tomorrow.

Oh, to be old and to say whatever you want...


LCzinha said...

HAHAHA! That is too cute. I also get the "How old are you?" question. They think I am too young to be a nurse. Love your blog by the way. I am in the process of making a blog myself specifically on nursing. I'm a new grad. Graduated in May, 2009.

Maha said...

Being proposed to by senior citizens and pleasant drunks allow me to say that I have been asked for marriage many times!

Doctor D said...

Don't you just hate looking younger than you really are? It doesn't always work so well in the medical setting. I often grow a beard to stay respectable looking.

shrtstormtrooper said...

Doctor D, my respect for you grows with each passing moment.

Maha - if I end up a crazy cat lady, at least I can say I have been proposed to as well!

LC, looking forward to hearing about your new nurse-ness :)

Em said...