Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pure evil

Karma is a bitch, and my dentist is an evil evil man.

As I've made clear, I am not a fan of those who deal in teeth. I hate the dentist. I hate having my teeth worked on. I hate the little scrapey things and the suction and the noises and the feel of metal. Ugh. I really, really don't like it.

So there is a lot of anxiety every six months when I go for my cleaning. I sit on my hands so I don't accidentally punch someone. I make the squinty eyed face during all the scraping and mumble mrrruuuuggghh when they ask me questions. In general, I try to move as little as possible in hopes it will be over quicker.

And then today.

Dr. Dentist, who is actually a decent person, bounces into his chair and pokes around my mouth for a few minutes. He looks over at the xray, and gets real quiet. He calls over the hygenist. And then goes, "will you look at the size of that cavity?! Surgery, for sure..."

And then looks at me. I must have looked like he killed my puppy. I felt crushed, devastated. The end of the world. My vision was going dark. I could feel the tears rising.

Aaaaand then he laughs. Giggles, and goes "just kidding! All is well, see you in six months!"

I might have almost had an anxiety attack.

Looking back, this must be karma's way of getting back at me for all the cracks I've made about patients, and all the inappropriate things I've blogged about. It has to be.

But regardless, my dentist is an evil man.


Kaley said...

Nick expressed the other night that he was interested in dentistry... could you still be friends if nick was Officer Dentist?

shrtstormtrooper said...

Nope. Deal breaker. Just saying...

Filia Dei said...

Sounds like your dentist has a good sense of humor. That's all. :)

Zazzy Episodes said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Get a new dentist!! Or have him write you a prescription for Valium so at least you don't care if he's an asshole. :)