Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Conversations that go nowhere

While sitting in triage, a hood looking young gentleman comes to the window looking for his friend. I scroll through the tracking board for the name he gives me, and after informing him there is no one by that name in the system he gets all belligerent. "He ain't the patient, it be his friend that be checked in!" he tells me. I ask the name of this new friend, and he tells me Jigga.

"Jigga what?" I ask.

He tactfully informs me "just Jigga, bitch!"

"I need a last name, sir. Jigga Who?" I'm dying inside of pure joy.

Recognize, girl.


AtYourCervix said...


Milk Chocolate Midwife said...

LMAO! In my head, I'm chanting "Hova! Hova!" like I'm at a Jay-Z concert. Jigga, what?! I love it.

Dana said...

BaHaHa!! Oh why don't we have men like this coming up to us in the PICU!? There's something to be said about adult nursing!d