Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I got reprimanded by the Big Boss Lady this morning. For wearing a gray long sleeved shirt under my scrub top instead of the approved white. I'm over it. Especially since you assholes are lucky I didn't pee my pants or pass out while in triage for 12 hours, considering we never cleared the waiting room, I didn't get to make a bathroom run ever, I didn't have a tech half the night (=getting my own VS, taking patients back, crowd control, triage, and enforcer) even though I'm officially not allowed to leave the triage window at all and I didn't get a chance to eat anything.

Oh wait. I did have four girl scout cookies for lunch. We're cool; my bad.


canoehead said...

Tell her it was white when you started the shift. Jeepers.

Proby RN said...

I used to wear a PINK zip up cause our floor is freezing. Until a dr made a reference to the "sexy victorias secret stuff." Now its strictly long sleeve tshirts.