Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This week has been ridiculously beautiful outside. And I've been at work most of the time, so it's
a bit of a moot point. I did get to the river one day though and this is the result:

I have a good bit of my stuff together for traveling. I just need to wait a few more weeks until hospitals post their openings for summer.

A bit'o'scene from late night ER amusement:

Patient: Well, I've got an IUD in place and sometimes when we have sex it hurts. Is that normal?
Doc: There is a cord that comes through your cervix so if he's hitting the cord it can cause spotting and occasional pain. It's more common if he's a bit larger.
Patient: Oh he doesn't have that problem. It must be something else.

Man, talk about under-bus-throwing.

I'm really bad at editing picture layout on blogger.


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