Monday, March 12, 2012

Business ideas

One of our unit secretaries, who is older than dirt and came with the building, was in the midst of a discussion on ER abuse and how as a rule we lose money on almost every patient who comes through the doors. This secretary (whose initials appropriately are BS) has come up with the perfect business plan. "I know!" she says, "since my feet get so ashy in the winter, we can just scrape off the heel flakies and sell it as crack! We'd make a killing and all these asinine frequent flyers would be smoking my feet! It's the perfect solution..."

I think at least one person actually threw up a little.

I lied. I know one person did, because it was me.


Liv Laugh Work said...

Haha...luv that shit....I'm 6 weeks away from graduating and had a shitty day today and came across your blog...I was looking for sickle cell weird..anyway...I died laughing at this...made my day..

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junix said...

hahaha this is funny!!!