Thursday, March 29, 2012


Here's an idea: If I come to you, Dr. Frat Boy, and say "I need you to come in this room NOW to see this new patient; she has a large chest and abdominal contusion with a questionable stab wound, complains of shortness of breath and is tachycardic at 130," don't you dare blow me off and tell me you've got to go see the ESI level 4 patient you just picked up. I mean business. Get your ass into the room now and see this sick patient.

I dragged you in to see her, and twelve minutes later the lady's chest was cracked in my trauma room to fix things.

When it comes to patients I don't fuck around, and you'd be wise to take note when I act worried.


Solitary Diner said...

If I've learned anything from my training, it's to listen when the nurses are concerned. Particularly when an experienced nurse has that look of panic on his/her face.

Cocktail of Laughter said...

Woo hoo get it girl. Gator don't play no shit... Hahaha..

suzanne smith said...

I could almost visualize you pulling the Dr Dumb by his way to go!

Sandy Khau said...

Great job!!