Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full circle?

After making some random snarky comment about the sheer stupidity of a situation, one of my coworkers today told me this: "Girl you really need to start a blog and write that shit down."

If you only knew, dear sweet coworker.

Anyway, I owe it all to Nurse K for the inspiration!


Ellie said...

Would you ever let a co-worker know you have a blog? Or would it not be allowed, even if none of your patients are identifiable? (Been wondering about this myself, though in NZ rules are a little different..) I'm guessing you are in the US/Canada? Fun blog by the way x

Shrtstormtrooper said...

I HIPAA-fy everything I write, so no patients are actually identifiable. But I don't advertise that I have the blog, because I'm sure management would find a way to fire me.

Only one coworker knows about it, but we're close friends outside of work. In other words, I don't flaunt it :)