Friday, May 4, 2012


May the Fourth be with you!

Yeah that's right, happy Star Wars Day. You know you love it. But I digress...


I don't know about this new hair color, people. I've been blonde pretty much my whole life...minus an unfortunate incident in high school where I decided to go super-blonde with a self dye kit and tragically ended up with yellow hair, then the subsequent "oh god please fix this" moment at the hairdresser the next week which culminated in black hair. For the whole summer. Epically not awesome, for reals.

So here I am, bumping along through my semi-adult life, when I have a minor crisis and decide I absolutely must change my hair color. I went to a real honest to god hair stylist around Christmas, and did the ultimate: I gave her permission to dye my hair any color she chose. Seriously. I gave her free reign, and I walked out an hour later as a ginger. Like legit red hair. The argument could be made that it was auburn, but let's keep it real. The hair was red. Happy holidays, everyone. I do love Christmas.

Fast forward to work, and everyone loved it even though I wasn't convinced. I had patients complementing me on my "such natural pretty red hair" which I had to tell them was fake, and co-workers telling me it brought out my eyes, and another triage nurse telling me I can now be the "bitch in the box," just like her - the name for the nights her red-haired self is out in triage.

I kept dyeing my hair red, because after a few days it really grew on me and I kind of like it a lot now. But let me tell you, I'm convinced the red dye has magical powers that make people go all swoony inside and start gestating unicorns or kittens or something. Dr. D. Bag, who is quite possibly the biggest asshole I've ever met, was walking past the charge desk pissed off at the world (as usual). He stops, backs up, and then tells me that he likes the hair color change very much and has been meaning to tell me that it makes my eyes pop - and then wanders away.

Everyone in earshot had to scrape their jaws off the floor, because Dr. Bag might have just shown the first proof that he is not, in fact, a horrible human being with no soul or emotion. Red Hair. Magical unicorn happy sauce and possible cure for douchebagitis, I'm telling you.


Solitary Diner said...

My two nieces are redheads, and it really is magical. Random people will stop and complement them, and people have even tried to take their pictures from a distance (which does not impress my sister-in-law). I guess it's the rarity of the colour?

Zazzy Episodes said...

Too too tooo funny! I think that doctor has his eye on you, it's a riot what they choose to say when they choose to be nice.

I bet your hair looks great!

Shrtstormtrooper said...

I dunno...I think maybe he just got written up one too many times. Today he brought in donuts, which is awesome but also weird. He's actually got a decent person buried way deep inside. Who knew?