Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well it's official - I am unemployed until my first travel assignment! I worked my last few shifts in the ER, they made me a cake, I cried like a baby. I've also moved out of my apartment and into a house belonging to a coworker - nay, former coworker! - and don't know what to do with myself now. Do I just bum it and go to the beach everyday? Do I...hold up. There is no other option. I am most definitely going to bum it. I'm typing this from the coffeehouse deck and I spent all day at the beach. Joblessness suits me well for the time being.

I'll miss everyone I worked with though. More than I can express. Working there, with those people, taught me how to be a nurse. Every time I recognize subtle signs of distress, or correctly diagnose someone (unofficially, of course), or do something not stupid I can directly trace my learning back to the amazing people I've worked with. It's almost not real that I won't have them as resources any more. I'm trying not to dwell on that fact right now.

It's a bittersweet time. I'm so excited for my upcoming adventures, but I'm incredibly sad to be leaving a great thing here. I think I just need to go and get the travel out of my system, and maybe come home in a few years. The alternative of never seeing these people again is something I don't think I can handle.


Ivan Ilyich said...

Life is a journey. Happy trails to you!

LeifC said...

Hey when one door shuts, two windows fly open !!

Um, don't catch a chill haha :)