Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updates, y'all.

This whole "quit my job and hope I get a travel position soon" thing is turning out to be kinda stressful. I was offered a job up in Maine, in a place called Jackman. I immediately thought it would be fabulous, because it's named Jackman. As in Hugh Jackman. Clearly this was meant to be. The job was described as running a small first-care type clinic, in an itty bitty town just south of Canada. Nice people, little town, lots of hiking opportunities. I was on the cusp of accepting, when the lady threw in the last bit of info: the clinic just happened to be attached to a nursing home, and the nurse running the clinic also is the primary RN for 18 long-term care beds.

Um, no thanks. I politely declined on the basis of having no med-surg/long term care experience.

So I'm still unemployed. And homeless. I fortunately have lots of good friends with very nice spare bedrooms, and they have all graciously opened their homes to me. Let's hope I get a job before that welcome wears out! Good thing I'm leaving tomorrow for a 10 day vacation at the lake...

Oh, and this is why science is awesome:

How much Force power could Yoda output?

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