Thursday, November 15, 2012

Got the interwebz again, what what!

Oh man. Two full weeks without internet has made me realize how absurdly addicted I am to the web. I did have a smartphone, but that merely served to keep the DTs away. So with that in time!

I'm all settled at my new apartment and somewhat settled at my new job, but it's been a tough time so far. I expected it was going to be hard to pack up and leave Travel Hospital #1 after making new friends, but I had no idea just how difficult it would be in reality. I left New England after a post-shift breakfast with the Team...and cried all the way through three states. I made genuine, lifelong friends at that hospital which is something I never expected to do. I thought I would show up, work for three months, see some sights, and then peace out. Of course, I did all that, but it was the friendships I made there which caused the placement to be so enjoyable. With these friends I went out for nights on the town, explored various tourist attractions and went to wineries, parks, and local events. It was a bonus that work itself was so fun; I truly enjoyed the work environment as well. So it was extremely hard to pack up and leave, knowing that there is a chance I won't see some of these people again. I have every intention of coming back sometime, whether for another placement or just for a week to say hi, but it's still difficult to say goodbye - after all, this is the group of people that stole me a road cone as a parting gift.

Travel Hospital #2 is, thus far, not up to the level of #1. It's bigger, shinier, and newer - but the people are colder and less personable. I've only just completed my orientation and first week of solo shifts so it's still too early to pass permanent judgement. I'm hoping I'll make some friends here at work, but so far there haven't been any connections with people. I have met some people outside of the hospital though, courtesy of a friend from home having friends in Texas who have friends that go out and are willing to adopt a weird nerdy girl who is new in town. I'm also getting out to explore the town, which has been a good time.

Overall I'm excited - if I'm fair, I can remember back to the first two or three weeks in New England and know that I was still ordering takeout because I didn't have any friends yet. So there is hope for me yet here! I'm pumped to learn the town and hospital, because let's be real - this is an adventure! Hospital related blogging shall recommence soon...


Love or Nothing said...

Glad to hear the update!! Hopefully people will be warm after a while. Thinking of you! - Sarah fisch

kaley said...

packing up the seeds God's planted, in the fertile soil of you... And friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them, and a friend will not say never, and the welcome will not end.

You feel better now right?

Soon a piece of your soul will die and saying goodbye will get easier.