Friday, November 30, 2012

Things to laugh about

I miss Travel Hospital #1. There isn't anything outright wrong with #2, but it's just not nearly as warm and welcoming as #1. So I present to you a throwback story in honor of all the staff I miss there.

Conversation one night, which had me almost peeing my pants from laughing. I'm serious, there was full on acting-out of the scenarios:

Tech to Fun Doc: Man, you were really fancy with that pelvic exam. Like all Penn and Teller-ish, waving your hands and explaining everything.

Fun Doc: It's like a magic show up in there! And now you see my hands...and here's the exam...and my hands again! But ah-ha! Where did my watch go?!

Me: What would be really fun is if you can do speed exams. Bonus points if you manage to retrieve the watch from a different patient.

Tech: I'll time it! We can just line the patients up, knock out the whole night's worth of exams in 87 seconds! Style points for the magic-hands flair.

Fun Doc: World Championship of Magic Speed Pelvic Exams! There's got to be a Guinness Book of World Records category somewhere for that!

Sigh. I miss those crazy cats.

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