Friday, December 28, 2012

Inque tuo sedisti, Sisyphe, saxo

Sometimes I feel so demoralized after taking care of countless victims of cruel or thoughtless actions, or dealing with the mass of entitled selfish people who demand everything yet work for nothing. I get to the point of irrational fury, because I care so much about being a nurse and helping people and fixing them that I am deeply offended at those who dare to chip away at my belief in the good of humanity.

On days that I feel like this I tend to think society is hopeless. I get angry at the manipulators and horrible people, and wonder if there is anything that can restore my non-jaded view of the world. I am down on myself and feel a lot like Sisyphus. Usually, I can talk myself back into a positive state of mind and remind my heart why I truly love nursing. Sometimes I get a much-needed nudge though.

I was just finishing up placing an IV in a sick little kid, who was stoically handling the procedure like a champ at only 5 years old. After praising him for being awesome, he gratefully accepted the popsicle offered to him for doing so well with the IV and then blurted out that he wants me to be his new best friend. I smiled and asked him why that was. "Because you made me feel better," he said, "and that's a nice thing to do."

And just like that, faith restored.


hoodnurse said...

Dawwwww! Little kids are so freaking awesome. I think about doing peds sometimes except parents.

Anonymous said...

Yep if only the kids could come without parents..