Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That's very humerus

I'm going to be working back at home hospital this summer in a per diem position, which I'm pretty excited about. Mostly I'm excited to be back with staff I know and trust, and who trust me. I'm also looking forward to the amount of good natured needling that I can expect. So with that in mind, a story from the last go-round there...

We're standing around, waiting for the massive trauma that is a few minutes out. Everyone is there - us ER nurses, techs, and registration. Of course there is the ER doc. The OR team is there, including anesthesia. Even the grumpy trauma surgeon has made it in before the trauma gets here.

All of us are making comments, trying to guess the injury beforehand, and talk turns to other types of injuries. I forget the comment that I made, but I imagine it was something straight out of the gallows humor textbook. This was the response to that comment:

ED doc: you're a heartless soul-eating bastard.

Grumpy trauma surgeon: Man, that is cold. Even these crusty OR nurses wouldn't take that shit from me.

ED doc: Whatever. She knows it's true.

Yup. I miss these peoples.

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CNA Nursing Jobs said...

That is one good advantage if you are familiar with the person. And you can only do that to someone who is close to you, which is fun and missing if you're away.